HI. Haylen. Christian.
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Anonymous said: are you still with christian?


Forgot how good it feels to workout ^___^

Forgot how good it feels to workout ^___^

Anonymous said: you havent updated this in a while!

Yeah I don’t use it very much. I use instagram more :)

Leaving my boyfriend a voicemail

If I’m sober:

If I’m drunk:

I hate feeling like this!

Ok I haven’t done a Tumblr rant in awhile but I need to do one now! I feel so shaky I can barely stand straight, I’m incredibly tired, and I just feel sickly— it’s disgusting. Partied too hard on 4/20, paid for it on Saturday. Only got better on Sunday. Took a fucking adderall on Sunday @ 12am to finish a project, had 2 hours of broken sleep, and didn’t even get to nap until 4:00 for THIRTY MINUTES. Now I’m stuck finishing the lasts of this project and starting a new project that the other 2 people in my group ditched out on (who drops a class after finding out about a final group project?!) And I told my mom I’d cook dinner tonight. I just want to sleep sleep sleep without any interruption! My body doesn’t even have energy to be hungry. I was hungry once today and after that I felt like I was gonna throw up. It doesn’t help that my mind is going like 100 miles an hour while my body is soooo exhausted. I need a break from all this stress. Oh, and I need to stop partying so hard! Except that’s not realistic because Christian’s birthday is this Saturday and I’m not gonna be able to be sober sally this weekend. I’m kind of glad I’m not working that much this week because it seems like the universe wants me to die of overworking my body. Not even kidding.

K, done. Time to get back to working my ass off >.<

When you’re running and you accidentally hit your pinky toe on a piece of furniture

At first you’re like….

But then you’re like….

Omg this is me… everyday..

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